My Story

Katie Godwin

There was a time in my life where I would have considered myself a confident person and if you asked any of my friends or colleagues they would have agreed. I wouldn’t have thought twice about applying for a promotion, going on a first date or even speaking to strangers on a night out. I had a great job that paid well in the corporate sector and a great lifestyle.  Fast forward a couple of years and my confidence had faded. I was a first-time mum to a newborn and was still grieving the relationship breakdown with her father. We split up whilst I was pregnant, and I found myself dealing with the loss of what my future had once looked like while trying to accept the reality of my life now.

The time came when I was due to start back at work after my maternity leave. I was nervous and anxious. I felt like I was incapable of carrying out my role as before due to my newfound lack of confidence. I felt the pressure of trying to work full time whilst being a single parent. I wanted to quit but the same thought kept popping up, if I couldn’t cope at the job I’d been at for years, there’s no way I could have moved roles or even worse find a new job. My little girl was in nursery while I was working and although I needed a little space to concentrate on my role, I felt guilty about spending so much time working in a job I was ultimately unfulfilled in. I felt lost. I wanted more, I wanted a better life, I wanted to grow and change my mindset. I knew all of this was out there, but I just didn’t know how to achieve it.

















It eventually dawned on me, I needed to break free. I had to get away from the rat race, I wanted and needed to work my own hours, to be my own boss. I wanted more financial freedom to allow me to reduce my hours so I could spend that much needed and wanted quality time with my little girl. In order to achieve all that something inside me however, needed to change. I had to find my confidence again, I had to build it up and remember what I had achieved in the past. I realised I needed someone to help me, so I found myself a coach.


They helped me overcome my barriers and identify my limiting beliefs. We worked on my confidence issues, and I slowly built my confidence back up. I had to remind myself that I was capable, I could do anything I wanted. Of course, it was hard, I had little to no time for a social life, I was juggling work, my daughter and all my extra learning and self-development. I had to go deep and face all the things I had been avoiding, I had to take responsibility and work on parts of myself that I had neglected. Having a coach highlighted all the work I needed to do on myself as well as by myself. I started reading self-help books, meditating, journaling. It was a while after my coaching had ended that it dawned on me. I wanted to become a coach, I wanted to help people, I wanted to work with people who was in the same position I was in.

Fast forward to now and I am an accredited coach, I have my dream job.  I get the fulfilment I craved and all the time enjoying it as I have reached my long-term goal… freedom, not just time but financial freedom too!  I get to put the hours in for myself and my clients. I now help other people in the same position I was in, I guide them through their journey and assist them in overcoming their barriers. I help them to achieve what they want and this sets my soul on fire!


Looking back, I was so blinded by thinking I was stuck because ‘what else could I do’. I am now achieving things I never thought possible. I am breaking down my own barriers and reaching my goals one by one. As I said it’s not easy but its 100% worth it. I just needed to gain my confidence back and open my eyes to what was possible, and I did that thanks to my coach. She helped me to shed light on the things I had forgotten or was overlooking which assisted in me overcoming all the obstacles I had created. Coaching helped shift my perspective to allow me to chase my dream, to set targets and achieve them, to do more for myself and my daughter and most importantly to never settle. Coaching highlighted all the negative self-talk, all the negative mind chatter and the unjustified doubts. Life is too short to be lost in a job you are unfulfilled and unhappy with. Is it time for you to break free and take the action that will change your life for the better?